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Tuscany Ii Fabric by Sanderson

Tuscany Ii Fabric by Sanderson

Tuscany II Weaves

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Make into Curtains

Make into Blinds
Make into Cushions
Width 137.5 cm
Pattern Repeat 0 cm
Match Random Match
Composition 25% Cotton 25% Linen 25% Viscose 25% Polyester
Available Colourways: DTUC237149, DTUC237133, DTUC237161, DTUC237177, DTUC237150, DTUC237120, DTUC237140, DTUC237118, DTUC237165, DTUC237179, DTUC237123, DTUC237162, DTUC237178, DTUC237141, DTUC237159, DTUC237176, DTUC237168, DTUC237131, DTUC237129, DTUC237152, DTUC237151, DTUC237128, DTUC237180, DTUC237138, DTUC237175, DTUC237155, DTUC237170, DTUC237139, DTUC237125, DTUC237134, DTUC237142, DTUC237171, DTUC237163, DTUC237156, DTUC237145, DTUC237126, DTUC237119, DTUC237121, DTUC237136, DTUC237148, DTUC237172, DTUC237164, DTUC237157, DTUC237146, DTUC237122, DTUC237181, DTUC237124, DTUC237147, DTUC237135, DTUC237173, DTUC237182, DTUC237183, DTUC237153, DTUC237154, DTUC237127, DTUC237132, DTUC237158, DTUC237167, DTUC237137, DTUC237160, DTUC237166, DTUC237144, DTUC237169, DTUC237143, DTUC237174, DTUC237130
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