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Electron Fabric by Harlequin

Electron Fabric by Harlequin

Lustre 5

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Make into Curtains

Make into Blinds
Make into Cushions
Width 148 cm
Pattern Repeat 0 cm
Match Random Match
Composition 100% Polyester
Available Colourways: HPOL440526, HPOL440575, HPOL440680, HPOL440562, HPOL440432, HPOL440414, HPOL440489, HPOL440435, HPOL440442, HPOL440650, HPOL440643, HPOL440683, HPOL440477, HPOL440523, HPOL440536, HPOL440485, HPOL440518, HPOL440569, HPOL440437, HPOL440368, HPOL440498, HPOL440651, HPOL440640, HPOL440578, HPOL440672, HPOL440392, HPOL440406, HPOL440529, HPOL440596, HPOL440382, HPOL440611, HPOL440565, HPOL440487, HPOL440508, HPOL440664, HPOL440532, HPOL440623, HPOL440373, HPOL440380, HPOL440602, HPOL440701, HPOL440391, HPOL440624, HPOL440404, HPOL440544, HPOL440467, HPOL440547, HPOL440698, HPOL440534, HPOL440689, HPOL440586, HPOL440407, HPOL440410, HPOL440431, HPOL440444, HPOL440455, HPOL440557, HPOL440506, HPOL440605, HPOL440609
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Lustre 5 Collection by Harlequin